The Best Live Animal Trap Ever!          

        §  Spray Proof            §  Stress Free           §  Simple and Easy       

Want to rid your property of vermin wreaking havoc on your life?  If so, The Skunker is the trap for you!  Made in the USA, The Skunker is a spray proof trap used for catching skunks, raccoons, possums, squirrels, and many other critters.  The Skunker is great for homeowners, ranchers, farmers, pest control officers and others who want the very best in an animal trap. 

Features of The Skunker:

  • The light, yet strong cylindrical aluminum tube makes the vermin feel safe while keeping them from tipping or moving the trap
  • See-through door allows ventilation to the animal as well as a good visual for the owner
  • Easy to operate

In just a matter of time The Skunker will rid your property of varmints safely and stress free!  So forget about getting "sprayed" and try The Skunker today!


*We stand behind every trap we sell with a one-year warranty on workmanship, and we offer online assistance because if you're not happy, we're not happy!