What to Use

Armadillos:  worms, grubs, sardines, raw hamburger

Skunks:  fish, sardines, chicken, crisp bacon, shelled sunflower seeds, scrambled eggs, dried or canned cat food

Raccoons:  peanut butter smeared on bread, sardines, sweet corn, crisp bacon, marshmallow, canned cat food, watermelon

Woodchucks:  dried cantaloupe, watermelon rind

Possums:  canned cat food, crisp bacon, apples, peanut butter smeared on bread

Squirrels:  nuts, crackers, popcorn, apples, peanuts, sunflower seeds

Rabbits:  vegetables (carrots and lettuce work best), bread sprayed with apple juice

Rats:  cheese, dough ball of peanut butter and oatmeal, peppermint candy, bread

Groundhogs:  string beans, sweet corn, lettuce, cantaloupe