Ask Us A Question

Question:  Will the skunker catch other animals besides skunks?  

Answer:  Yes, The Skunker can catch most any animal that will fit inside the tube.

Question:  Just how large is The Skunker trap?

Answer: The Skunker  utilizes a 7" diameter aluminum tube.  Field tests have proven this width to be the most effective.  The trap is 32" in length and weighs 8.5 pounds

Question: What about your online assistance?

Answer: We are so confident in our trap that we are available 24/7 to assist you with any question you might have.  All the way from the type of bait to use, to technical questions about your trap.  Simply email us at the address provided, or give us a call. We want you happy with our product.

Question:  What about your one year warranty on workmanship?

Answer:  D&D Traps wants you to know that our manufacturers are excellent craftsmen and every trap is inspected personally.  If something on our trap fails to operate due to a problem on our end, let us know and we will do all we can to rectify the problem.

Question: I'm still worried about possible damage to a trapped animal, just how humane is your trap?

Answer:  This is where we feel The Skunker stands heads and shoulders above the competition.  Depending upon the time of day you check your trap, it is highly likely that the animal will be asleep.  No trauma, no stress, and to answer your question; very humane.

Question: Will the trap deteriorate in outside conditions or water?

Answer: The trap is completely aluminum and spring steal.  It is built to last a lifetime.  A little penetrating oil on the bushings, spring, and trigger pin will keep the trap performing like new.