Using The Skunker

"Simply open the trap door, hook the trigger rod, and you have turned The Skunker into a sleek, mean, varmint machine.  Forget about getting sprayed! "

  1. Open up the trap door at the end with the ventilation slits and place the appropriate bait on the bait tray.   (It is a good idea to sprinkle the bait throughout the trap leading up to the bait tray.  This helps to entice the animal.)
  2. Close the trap door with the ventilation slits on the end.  (If you need to secure the trap in place, use the stake holes on the base corners of the trap.)
  3. Open up the other door of the trap until the trigger is aligned and can be set.  Slowly release the door of the trap allowing the two pins to rest against each other.

    Setting the Trigger


  4. Your trap is now set.  
  5. Set the trap in the appropriate place in which you wish to trap.
  6. After capturing the animal you can simply release it by opening up the trap door with the ventilation slits and wait for it to come out.  We recommend that you relocate at least 5-10 miles away from your area of trapping.  

**Always use caution and remember the dangers of dealing with wild animals.   Contact your wildlife and game commission for rules and regulations regarding the relocation or removal of the animal.

Maintenance Tip

  • When bringing The Skunker out of hibernation, we suggest oiling the bushings, spring, and trigger pin.  This will insure that The Skunker performs at maximum operation level.