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Money well spent.  I am a metalworker and inventor in need of a good varmint trap. While researching designs I came across the skunker.  It would have cost me more than the skunker cost to build one, never mind all of my time.  Trap works great and is easy to clean.  I have set it 4 times, and have caught 2 possums and a skunk, rabbit got away.  Great product.  Thank You.  - Brian Hoffman Inventor of Doghook

I received my skunker a few days ago.  First skunk caught overnight.  Nice trap!  Thanks.  I drove to a distant location to let him walk out, and he would not leave the trap.  I had to leave it behind and show up for work this morning, with the hopes that nobody will stumble on to my trap and like it more than I do.  My neighbors have submerged their trapped critters (in other traps).  I would rather release them, but I am not always in a position of taking that amount of time out of a day.  I suppose a nighttime release would be better.  Can this trap be submerged without harm to the trap?  - B. Parkinson, Idaho

Hi Dean, All is well in "skunkland." I now have gotten 31 skunks in total! (and 3 possums). I was thinking that it would be cool to have little "skunk decals"  that you could put on your skunker each time you got one (maybe the peel-off and stick on type). You know, like the bombers in WWII or the fighter planes (a little mark for each plane down). I suppose you would have to make these pretty small, because I would have my trap nearly covered by now!  Hope you are well. I'm really active to keep the population down now that Spring is coming up. (Is that when they have babies, or do they "go" all year?) The skunker never fails ... it's like a Swiss watch!  This is not only a good trap, it's one of the best devices I've ever owned. Elegant and simple design that was brilliantly thought out.  You should be proud ... I know I am.  - Mike Bono

The trap arrived on Saturday and I set it up with bait for capture that evening.  Nothing happened! The door remained open and the bait was not taken.  I used cat food.  The next night I placed the trap in a new location where the skunk was digging in the lawn hunting grubs.  I used sardines for bait.  Once again the trap was not sprung and the food was still in the trap.  Monday night I kept the trap in the same place and used sardines again with a sprinkle of the cat treats, Temptations, leading the way into the trap to the sardines.  At 4:45 AM, I heard the trap spring outside my closed window. Then, I heard the clawing on the metal trap by the skunk and realized it had been caught.  I waited till daylight to investigate and sure enough I had the "Stinker" in the trap, ready for relocation by 7AM.  Thanks for such a great invention.  This skunk has been digging up my yard as well as the neighborhood yards for the past three weeks.  Finally, the culprit has been caught and removed.  The neighbors said I was their hero.  I said, it wasn't me, it was D and D Traps that were responsible for the success.  Thanks again!  - Tim, Black Lake, Michigan

"I'm starting my second season of using my "Skunker."  The unit is still like brand-new and has never failed me; it works exactly like they said it would.  This trap is a quality instrument that is built like a Swiss watch.  I tried all the other traps on the market and they are worthless compared to the Skunker.  This is a simple and well-designed device; set it and you always catch one of those horrid little disease-carrying stink balls.  (Setting the trap is really simple, you don't even need to read the instructions)  I live in an urban environment and skunks have taken over.  With the Skunker, I am able to control my neighborhood and make it a safe place for kids and pets.  If you would like to contact me personally, for tips on using the Skunker, you may contact me through Dean.  - Mike, Southern California.

Your Skunker Trap is great! The first night I caught the biggest possum I have ever seen. What a mess he made, those are some nasty creatures. I had to pour him out of the trap, first time I have ever seen a possum run. Next night zero. Third night, I caught a Raccoon. He had to really squeeze himself in. That trap door did not catch the channel and I think he was kicking it hard because it was tweaked a bit. No problem though, after thoroughly cleaning the trap I was able to tweak it back into alignment. I lubed the spring and rod. Next night some thing took a nibble on the bait by the entrance. Finally I loaded some cheap Fishy Catfood, a little further in and a good dollop on the trip pan. This morning there was a nice skunk inside. I have to say the skunk was the easiest to leave the trap and left it easier to clean too. 

The local trapping company wanted $475 to set and release one time. They would not guarantee it if you caught a cat, meaning you had to pay for every critter you caught. I would have already been out over $1200. My brother–in-law just saw a skunk with three offspring in tow so I probably have a few more to catch.  - Billy Z

We borrowed one of your traps from a friend and have caught 2 skunks already with NO DRAMA!  What a great product! We can’t wait to have our own trap. Our 91 year old neighbor has skunks under his porch, and we are hard at work catching them for him! Send the trap on along quickly and we can double up!  - Deni Dorminy

Just thought I would let you know that we received the Skunker yesterday morning. We baited it about 6 pm and by 10 pm we had a skunk. Yea! Thanks so much, we can testify that it truly works. Thanks again.    - Linda and Virgil Katzer

Your trap is super. So far I have captured 2 raccoons, 10 skunks, and 51 squirrels using peanut butter and peanuts.  - Pueblo, Colorado

Just wanted to let you know that "The Skunker" did a terrific job as you advertised it would. It took a little patience trying out different types of enticing treats such as canned cat food (no luck!), dry cat food, (no luck!), scrambled eggs and chocolate syrup, ( no luck!), a mixture of bananas, peanut butter and condensed milk, (no luck!), and finally we had success using only white bread loaded with Skippy Peanut Butter! Best of all, the animals can be humanely "worked" with to everyone's satisfaction. Animal safety is always our top priority!

I wanted to report to you that so far, I've caught 5 possums and 3 skunks using the Skunker. All in about 3 or 4 months that I've had this. From my experience, dry cat food works like a charm to catch these guys. I just wanted to write to say thank you for inventing the Skunker, and hope to see it selling in Home Depot one of these days so that others' lives will be relieved like mine.  Hiro, Orange County, California

We received our "Skunker" on Friday eveningand after a day familiarizing myself with the mechanicsof the trap (as you recommended), we set it last night. We caught our under-the-deck resident and took her 6 miles away, and relocated her near the river this morning. After about 15 minutes after opening both ends of the trap, she took off for the woods. I can't even begin to tell you what a relief it is to have Madam Skunk "Estelle" relocated. The many weeks she was with us, we had tried noise from a portable radio, moth balls in bags, even a homemade concoction of Jalapeno, red, and Habaneropeppers, and onions and garlic(that drove us off and didn't seem tophase the skunk). I have to tell you it is a true pleasure to walk across our deck and not be greeted with the scent of skunk warning us to go somewhere else. Thanks you your trap,SHE went somewhere else. I would say to anyone with a skunk problem, get "The Skunker" and don't waste your time or money with any of the other remedies or dangerous traps. We have tried them all and wish we had ordered"The Skunker" first. From start to finish this is the best engineered, safest (for humans), and humane (for skunks) product you can ever buy. Thank you so much.  - Dan & Joyce Griffiths, Greeley, Colorado

This is Larry out in California...I got the bait sheet...Thank you...What kind of bait did I use? Well, I was so excited to see how the Skunker was going to work...I only had time to grab a handful of crunchy cat treats (crab & ocean whitefish flavor)...I sprinkled a few around the trap then put the rest on the bait tray...about 3 hours later I went to check on the trap...I took my flash light so that I could see under the house...I was looking for the reflective spot that is visible when the trap door is open...I could not see it because the trap door had, I slowly pulled the trap out by a 1/4 inch rope that I attached through one of the holes on the foot of the trap and there we were face to face....Thanks for a great product.  - Larry

My husband is a real happy guy today. We received our skunker on Monday. That was excellent delivery time. Monday night my husband baited the trap with sardines. Well, Tuesday morning we had a catch. My husband drove to a state park about 10 miles away. The skunk did not want to get out of the cage so he had to tip it over. Can you imagine his surprise when 2 skunks slid out. How exciting. Wonderful product. Thanks so much. I highly recommend this trap."  - Tom and Bette

We ordered 5 of your traps last year and found that they do exactly as claimed. They are the best trap I have used to catch skunks. Just as you say in your advertisements, the skunk is not able to spray. They also work very well on cats, raccoons and possums. I would recommend them to any one who needs a trap. Please send 5 more.  - R. Buhr, Community Service Officer, City of Sheridan, Wyoming

We received The Skunker today; placed it in use during the evening hours and have already received a varmint visitor of the white-stripped kind trying to make it a temporary home. With regards, we want to extend our thanks to D and D Traps for your product.  - M/Ms Klimowicz, Windsor, Ontario