The Skunker vs. Competitors

Never underestimate the value of your dollar.  We here at D&D Traps,  along with several other happy customers, truly believe that The Skunker is the BEST value you can get for your money when in the market of buying an animal trap.  

The Skunker has many advantages over other well-known animal traps such as:

ü  Durable

o    All Aluminum Construction 

o    Rust Free

o    Welded Joints

o    No Plastic Parts that Will Deteriorate Over Time (especially in cold weather)

o    Trap Will Last a Lifetime

o    Solid Construction


ü  Unique Features

o    Appropriate Sized Diameter

o    Fully Enclosed

o    Spray Proof 

o    Easy to Transport

o    Ventilation Door

Accessibility to Bait Tray

o    Humane

o    Operate Safety and Protection from Animal in the Trap


                    ü  Reliability in Our Company

o    Online Assistance

o    Warranty on Workmanship

o    Made in the USA

o    The Skunker Works!